Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 – List of Best Heavy Bikes In Pakistan

Motorbikes are reliable and easy to handle. They have various types such as standard, cruiser, touring, sports, heavy, etc. Some types are heavier than others, depending on their size and the material they are made of. Heavy bikes are purpose-built with speed, and agility.  Heavy motorbikes are great for cruising, they tend to have more stability and higher speed they are built in a way to absorb all the shocks of the uneven road and provide a comfortable, smooth, and speedy ride.

Heavy bikes have enough power to make long, high-speed trips easy. Everything is stronger and more powerful in heavy bikes such as frames, wheels, engines, etc.The sport bike has powerful motors, fluid handling, and robust wheels. Its aerodynamic design makes cutting easy. Heavier wheels require more energy to overcome the interior and have room for much wider tyers with thicker thread.

They are designed specifically for young and adventurous people. The heaviness depends on the size and material they are made up of. Heavy bikes are designed and optimized for speed acceleration, braking, and cornering on asphalt concrete racetracks, and road. In general, new heavy bikes in Pakistan can be purchased for as little as PKR 2,625,000 and goes up to PKR 19,50,000. In this article, we’ll talk about the heavy bikes price in Pakistan, their features, specifications, and how to buy one.

List of Top Heavy Bikes brands in Pakistan

  • Yamaha
  • BMW
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda

Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan

In general, new heavy bikes price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,625,000 and goes up to PKR 19,50,000. Below is the table is the list of the latest heavy bikes with price in Pakistan.

Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan
BMW S1000RR PKR 19,50,000
Lifan KPT 200 PKR 710,000.00
Honda CBR 1000 PKR 3,361,600 
Suzuki Intruder M800 PKR 17,00,000
Yamaha YBR 125 PKR 2,625,000
Kawasaki Ninja ZX – 14R PKR 2,617,830
Suzuki Hayabusa PKR 2,600,000
BMW K 1200 S PKR 1,940,620
Honda CBR 500 PKR 12,50,000 
Kawasaki Ninja H2R PKR 22,90,000
Yamaha XSR 155 PKR 400,100

The Best 10 Heavy Bikes In Pakistan

In my experience, these are the best Heavy Bikes available in Pakistan.

BMW S1000RR (1000cc Heavy bike In Pakistan)

BMW S1000RR Price in Pakistan

BMW S1000RR is a race-oriented sport bike that has 999cc four-cylinder engine reclined at 14,600 rpm. It comes in three different colors, Grey metallic, blue metallic, and black storm metallic which makes it aesthetically pleasing, and with a three-year warranty.  It is a multi-control motorbike everything is under the control of the rider. It’s not just for the road but also the track it has a 6-speed transmission, water/air cooled four cylinders four-stroke in-line engine, and has electric starting option. It is one of the best heavy bikes in Pakistan.

BMW S1000RR has a standard headlight LED that gives a dynamic and aggressive look to the bike. It has some amazing features that are mentioned below:

  • M-swing arm pivot
  • Ride Modes Pro
  • Ride Modes Race
  • Pro 1-3 and electronic assistance systems such as DTC/ Shift, ABS settings
  • Engine mapping
  • Wheelie control
  • Slide control

And a whole lot more to make it an ultimate racing machine.


BMW S1000RR heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 19,50,000.

Lifan KPT 200

lifan kpt 200 price in Pakistan

If you are looking for a motorcycle to have an adventure on but are on a budget Lifan KPT 200 is your perfect match. Lifan KPT 200 is a European design that costs up to PKR 5,29,000. Lifan KPT 200 has an NBFll 200c water-cooled engine and is equipped with an EFI system. It has a 6-speed transmission, and the engine is built with lightweight pistons. The fuel tank capacity is 14 liters, and one fuel tank can go 500 km easily.

Lifan KPT has modern features like an LED headlight, digital display, AB, USD front forks, and adjusted rear mono shock. The seat is wide and comfortable to give a smooth and comfy ride to the rider.  The wheel’s alloy is 17 inches and the road grip is quite decent it can easily tackle both road and off-road conditions. ABS makes sure you never lose traction and stays safe in an emergency.


Lifan KPT 200 heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 710,000.00.

Honda CBR 1000 (Honda 1000cc Heavy bike)

Honda CBR 1000 Price in Pakistan

Honda CBR 1000RR cost PKR 30 lacs. The brand name is enough to grab the attention of customers. Honda has launched many motorbikes and each of them is great in its distinctive unique way. 

Honda CBR 1000RR is a fire blade. It has a 999cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder. The bike has the 7th generation of CBR fuel capacity and 16 liters of fuel capacity. Fuel consumption is 18km liters. The horsepower of the Honda CBR 1000RR is 217. It can accelerate from zero to sixty mph in 3.01 seconds only.

If treated right and regularly serviced Honda CBR 1000RR can last over 75,000 miles. A well-kept CBR 1000RR can last up to 18 years.

Honda CBR 500R price starts from 4,50,000 and goes up to 1,900,000. It has major modifications and has a list of big improvements since it launched. Honda CBR 500R has dual front disc brakes, radial-mount four-piston calipers lighter wheels.

It has a lighter swing arm to sharpen up the bike’s handling even more. It comes with a twin-cylinder engine, is fully computer controlled has a digital transistor, a 6-speed gear transmission, an LCD screen for indicators, a speedometer, an odometer, a time display, standard anti-lock brakes and so much more.


Honda CBR 1000 sport bike price in Pakistan is PKR 3,361,600.

Suzuki Intruder M800

Suzuki Intruder M800 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Intruder M800 is a strong powerful motorbike that comes with a strong proven Suzuki engine. It is a solid, nicely finished, durable, dependable, and affordable motorcycle that has clean styling proven performance, and decent handling. 

Suzuki Intruder M800 is reliable, durable, and has impressive value. The mileage of Suzuki intruder M800 is very impressive i.e. 22kilometer/liter. The fuel tank capacity is 15 Liters and comes with a 5-gear transmission. 

Suzuki Intruder has a four-stroke, 45-degree V-twin liquid-cooled cooling system and an electric starting option. It comes with packed features. 100km/h is taken care of in 2.9 seconds easily. The top speed of the Suzuki Intruder M800 is 209 kilometers. It comes in two different colors, metallic blue and sparkle black.


The Suzuki Intruder M800 sport bike price in Pakistan is PKR 17,00,000.

Yamaha YBR 125 (Best heavy bike for Beginners)

Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan

The Yamaha YBR 125 is a heavier bike with a 124cc engine. Earlier models were fitted with carburetors, but the most recent model features fuel injection technology. The Yamaha YBR 125 motorcycle produces a maximum of 10.7 horsepower at 7500.0 RPM and 10.4 Nm of torque at 6000.0 RPM.

  • The Yamaha YBR 125 has a sporty appearance and an elegant design
  • It is equipped with ABS traction control for superior road performance
  • A digital speedometer and a fuel indicator are also included
  • It has a spacious and comfortable seat height of 755mm
  • It has a 5-speed transmission
  • It is fitted with aluminum wheels
  • The capacity of this motorcycle’s gas tank is 13 liters
  • high resell value in Pakistan
  • One of the best low-price heavy bikes in Pakistan


Yamaha 125 heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 2,625,000.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX – 14R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX – 14R price in Pakistan

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-146 is the King of the quarter mile. It is digitally fuel-injected and has a 1441cc incline four-cylinder. It is premium onboard electronics and has a unique monocoque aluminum frame. It has dual power modes. It is furnished with 3-mode Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) and provides unmatched performance due to KTRC and DFI digital fuel injection. Kawasaki Ninja was designed to deliver exceptional handling it has aerodynamic bodywork along with Ninja ZX14R ABS.

Kawasaki Ninja has proven to be a powerful sports bike. The top speed of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is electronically limited to 186mph. It has an aluminum frame type.


This Kawasaki Ninja heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 2,617,830.

BMW K 1200 S

BMW K 1200 S Price in Pakistan

Looking for a true sport bike performance with tourer capability? Look no more. BMW K-1200S is almost the perfect bike to own and ride. BMW K-1200S comes with several cutting-edge technologies such as ABS, traction control, and electronically adjustable semi-active suspension. It has a good sporty and tourer bike balance. The top speed of the BMW K-1200S is 170mph and produces high-powered engines like a 1,157cc incline four. 

It has a duo-lever front suspension and twin-spar frame which gives sharp handling. The fairing of the bike keeps the wind off. BMW has no shortage in the power department, it has endless power. It comes with a 16v in-line four engine. It is an all-rounder with excellent panniers. 

It is more advanced and has better build quality than other bikes in this range. BMW K-1200S has a quality design and allows filtering through traffic and when needed can be extended to increase capacity.  It has good lights, shaft drive, heated handlebars, and comfortable seats. Overall BMW K-1200S is built to last.


BMW S1000RR heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 1,940,620.

Honda CBR 500

Honda CBR 500R Price in Pakistan

The full bodywork coverage gives Honda CBR 500R a sporty look. it comes in two colors that customers can choose from, Red, and Silver metallic. The Honda CBR 500 is a sporty and affordable bike that is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. It is powered by a 500cc four-cylinder engine that produces plenty of power and torque. The CBR 500 also features a six-speed gearbox, a sporty chassis, and aggressive styling. It is a great all-around bike that is perfect for both the city and the open road.


Honda CBR 500 heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 12,50,000.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa Price in Pakistan

In 1999, Suzuki released the Hayabusa, which was the fastest production motorcycle for many years, until the 2010 release of the Suzuki Hayabusa. Its design was inspired by the Japanese peregrine falcon, which is one of the fastest birds in the world. The Hayabusa is capable of reaching speeds of up to 194 miles per hour. The 2022 Hayabusa features five riding modes, a six-axis IMU, ride-by-wire, ABS, traction control, anti-lift control, an active speed limiter, and engine brake control. In addition, it is equipped with low RPM assist, cruise control, and hill and slope control. It can reach 110 kph in less than five minutes. A Suzuki Hayabusa can reach a top speed of 310-312 Km/h.


Suzuki Hayabusa’s Sports price in Pakistan is PKR 22,90,000.

Yamaha XSR 155

Yamaha XSR 155 Price In Pakistan

The Yamaha XSR 155 is powered by a 155 cc, four-valve, single-cylinder engine. This engine generates 19 horsepower and 14.7 Nm of torque and is mated to a six-speed transmission with an assist/slipper clutch. The XSR155 features headlight brackets, a reworked sump guard, and an exhaust plate with retro-inspired pores. The bike features the Deltabox frame and 155cc engine of the R15-V3 model. Similar to the XSR700 and XSR900, the XSR155 features Yamaha’s ‘Sport Heritage’ styling. Its teardrop-shaped tank, circular full-LED headlight, and full-LED taillight all lend to its vintage appeal.


Yamaha XSR 155 heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 400,100.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Price in Pakistan

Kawasaki Ninja H2R is supercharged by a 998cc inline-4 engine. Both engines benefit from a liquid cooling system, double overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, and fuel injection. The H2 has a power output of 145kW at 11000rpm and 132.5Nm at 10500rpm. The H2R has a power output of 210kW at 14000rpm and 165.5Nm at 11000rpm. The Kawasaki H2R has an aluminum trellis frame and rear swingarm. The front suspension is handled by a 43mm inverted fork while the rear suspension is handled by a gas-charged shock. Suspension travel is 120mm front and rear. Both wheels are fitted with Brembo radial-mount calipers and dual semi-floating 330mm discs. The rear wheel is fitted with a single 250mm disc.

Kawasaki H2R is an incredibly sleek and potent motorcycle with a vast array of amenities, including KQS (Kawasaki quick shifter) and Kawasaki traction control. It achieves 15 to 16 kilometers per liter because of its high-power technology. At speeds of 360 to 380 kilometers per hour. This high-quality motorcycle is suited for individuals interested in track use. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, high-quality sports motorcycle, go no further than the Kawasaki H2R.


Kawasaki Ninja H2R heavy bike price in Pakistan is PKR 22,90,000.

Other Heavy bikes

Key Sport Motorcycle Specifications

Sport motorcycle engines normally range in size from 300 to 400 cc at the low end to approximately 1,000 cc at the high end, however, there are exceptions. Typical fuel tanks range from three to five gallons, with larger and more powerful motorcycles having larger tanks. Numerous bikes in this market incorporate anti-lock brakes as standard equipment or as an option, while pricier sport bikes typically add traction control, launch control, sport mode, digital instrument displays, and onboard performance data systems (especially those designed primarily for racing). Uncommon comfort and convenience features include heated hand grips and integrated luggage systems.

Final Words

We placed BMW S1000RR at the first-place position on our list for being the heavy bike in Pakistan, overall in performance and value. For the best beginner heavy bikes in Pakistan on a budget, we recommend buying the Yamaha YBR 125. At a low price, it offers great features and reliability.

We hope our list of detailed reviews of the top 10 best heavy bikes in Pakistan has helped you find the best sports bike. We hope that the information that we provided will help you in making the purchase that is most useful to you. This wraps up the Heavy Bikes price in Pakistan and everything you need about before buying heavy bikes in Pakistan.


Which is best heavy bike in Pakistan?

Here is the list of the best heavy bikes in Pakistan
Lifan KPT 200
Honda CBR 1000
Suzuki Intruder M800
Yamaha YBR 125
Suzuki Hayabusa… read more about the best heavy bikes in Pakistan.

How much does heavy bike cost in Pakistan?

In general, new heavy bikes price in Pakistan are from PKR 2,625,000 and goes up to PKR 19,50,000.

Which is the best heavy bike for the beginner?

Yamaha YBR 125 is one of the best heavy bikes for beginners in Pakistan.

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