70cc Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022 – Top Picks, Features, Specs & Top Speed

In this blog, we will discuss the 70cc bikes price in Pakistan, their feature, and how to buy one. In this era of hyperinflation, it’s quite difficult to buy a high-end luxury car or motorcar for daily use. Many people opt for a more affordable and reliable option in the market that is quite famous nationally – motorbikes you will see numerous of them on the roads. In Pakistan, 70cc bikes are commonly used by bikers since they are more reliable and can easily ride on city roads. They can go up to 30+mph depending on the condition of the road and the weight of the rider. Many automobile companies are producing the best 70cc bikes that are affordable, reliable, and durable. Some of the well-known 70cc bikes in Pakistan with their specifications are mentioned below. 

70cc Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022

Bikes 70Cc Bikes Price in Pakistan
Honda CD 70 PKR 111,500
Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 PKR 68,000
Unique US 70cc 2022 PKR 70,000
Road Prince RP 70 PKR 53,000
Pak Hero 70 PKR 47,000
ZXMCO 7 PKR. 40,500
Osaka AF 70 PKR 42,000
Union Star 70 PKR 44,000
Sohrab 70 PKR 46,000

Honda CD 70

Honda 70 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70cc bike price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 111,500 – PKR 120,500. If you are looking for the best 70cc bike in Pakistan, you must consider buying a Honda CD 70. It has all the safety features, which are essential for a safe bike. The high-quality tires on the CD 70 keep the rider balanced and stable on the road. The brakes are made of high-quality materials that do not contain any asbestos. This bike is durable and strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and risky roads.

It has a 4-stroke, rectangular speedometer featured gear rankings, a maximum calibration of 60mph and 97km/hour. It has gone through multiple changes since it launched, the new model has 101 changes overall in design and engine combined. The newly designed muffler exhaust makes the ride less noisy, a high-quality drive chain makes the ride smooth, and spacious seating makes the ride more comfortable. It has certified euro II engines and goes a long way. It is manufactured by the company Japanese company Honda. 

The most common feature of a Honda CD 70 is its low price, making it an affordable option for most people. This bike was introduced in 1984, but the latest version has Euro 2 technology. The engine was reshaped, and the carburetor was adapted to Euro 2 standards in 2012. The rear signals, which were previously located higher, were also relocated lower near the backlight. These changes make it easier to distinguish the CD 70 from other bikes in the market. The bike is also aesthetically pleasing and is popular amongst young boys. Whether you are looking for a bike for yourself or with a friend, the CD 70 is the ideal choice. It combines innovative Japanese technology with an eye-catching design. Its fuel efficiency and reliability make it an ideal choice for every rider.

The CD70 is a comfortable ride with a great fuel economy. Its 8.5-liter fuel tank can cover about 500 kilometers, which is an excellent mileage for a 70 CC bike. A Honda CD70 is the best bike in Pakistan for your money.

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Yamaha Dhoom YD 70

Yamaha Dhoom YD 70cc bike price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 68,000 – PKR 78,000. The Yamaha YBR has a great look. The bike has a sporty look that is not typical for a domestic bike. The first impression of the bike is a pleasant surprise. Its performance and sporty look have already made a lasting impression. The YBR has a remarkably smooth riding experience and a unique fuel gauge indicator. Its dashboard is attractive and its headlight is ultra-bright. The price is extremely competitive as well.

In 1976, DYL motorcycles introduced the Yamaha brand to Pakistan. Later, it partnered with the Dawood Group and launched the Yamaha motorcycles Pvt Ltd. The YD 100 model became a popular choice for most Pakistanis. The Japanese company has also merged different styles of bikes to satisfy the needs of the public. Yamaha plans to release more models of the YBR 125 in the future.

Local consumers in Pakistan use the Yamaha YBR 70cc bike for family purposes. They enjoy the sporty looks and the sporty sound. The price is also affordable for middle-income families. The Yamaha YBR 70cc bike is the second most popular model in this category and is used extensively by the middle-upper classes. It is also a family motorcycle and is considered a symbol of pride.

Unique US 70cc

unique 70 price in pakistan

United US 70cc price in Pakistan is PKR 70,000. If you plan to own a Unique US 70cc 2022 bike, spare parts can be purchased at lower prices as well. The company has made every effort to make this product as appealing to the riders as possible. It features strong materials and the same high standards. It also features a new and improved appearance, with a stylish design. The price of Unique US 70cc 2022 bikes in Pakistan is close to the market price.

The United US 70cc 2022 is a new entrant in the local market and seeks to grab the buyer’s attention with a competitive price tag. With an affordable price tag and competitive spare parts, United motorcycles are aimed at fulfilling the needs of layman users. The bike includes all of the essential features for a 70cc bike and also facilitates a network of extended warranty claims.

They are also improving the performance of their bikes and the quality of the spare parts to increase their reliability. Currently, the price of Unique US 70cc 2022 in Pakistan is affordable. There are also many benefits of owning one of these bikes.

Road Prince RP 70

With the sleek look grabbing the attention on the road, the stunning speedometer, and subtle combination of colors give it a graceful look. It has a high resale value if compared to its competitors. The bike is overall comfortable and gives you a smooth ride. The quality of the material of Road Prince 70cc bikes is top notch. All the parts are easily available all over the country and have spacious seats as well. It has a powerful 4-stroke engine. The headlights and taillights give you a better vision to ride smoothly and give a brighter vision even in dark streets. It proclaims to give its customer more than 55 km per liter on usual routes.

The Road Prince RP 70cc bike is a good bike for those who are looking for a cheap yet high-quality motorbike. The backbone type frame has a ground clearance of 135m. Its dry weight is around 82kgs. It is available in red or black. There is no special gearbox or clutch for the Road Prince 70. Omega Industry sells spare parts for this bike.

The new Road Prince RP 70 bike is elegant in design. It comes with the latest tank logo and an elegant design for the fuel tank. It has a spacious seat and a powerful engine. It comes in red and black colors and features a clear speedometer. This model is available in all the cities of Pakistan and costs around PKR 50,000. There are two models of 70 cc bikes in Pakistan: the Road Prince RP 70 and the Classis 70cc bike.

Road Prince has been providing high-quality products and the RP 70 2022 meets the basic standards of durability and excellence. In addition to this, Road Prince has other models like the 11occ and bullet. The Road Prince RP 70 bike price in Pakistan is PKR 53,000. The Road Prince 70cc bike is a good buy for those looking for a high-quality motorbike at an affordable price.

The Road Prince RP 70cc bike is one of the best deals available in the 70cc class. Its air-cooled single-cylinder engine is a dependable motorbike. It also has many features. The Road Prince 70cc bike is one of the cheapest in the market and is also comfortable to ride. In addition, its lightweight, powerful seat is the perfect companion for anyone who loves riding a bike.
Honda CD 70.

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Pak Hero 70

If you’re looking for a cheap yet functional bike, you might want to look at the Pak Hero PH 70. Originally launched in 2013, this budget bike is now available in Pakistan. While it isn’t quite as powerful as the Doom, it does have many benefits. One of those benefits is its fuel efficiency. This bike can easily get 50-60 KM per liter of petrol. In addition, this model is made locally, so you can feel good about buying a bike that was manufactured in your country.

Pak Hero 70 bike price is PKR is 47,000. It is your ideal companion for yours on road trips within the city or out of the city. It will never let you down with its 4-stroke, single cylinder 70cc engine with the standard transmission of 4 speeds making it the perfect partner of yours on your road trip giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. It has impressive mileage; all the parts are easily available in the country. It has network warranty claim centers that provide hassle-free service, the technology is unmatched to contest the standards of modern bikes offering a great deal.

The PH70 from Pak Hero has a sleek, modern design and a stamped Pak Hero logo on the fuel tank. This bike is also lightweight and has a durable backbone frame. It also has two side mirrors on the handlebars for added safety. Its seventeen-inch tires are of average quality but still offer good traction on the road. Users of this bike are happy with its performance and value.

Another advantage of buying a Pak Hero PH 70 is its price. Compared to other 70cc bikes in Pakistan, this one is priced considerably less. However, the Honda brand is still a class apart from the China bikes. The PH 70 is one of Pakistan’s best Chinese 70cc bikes in 2022.

The PK 70 features a powerful, smoke-free four-stroke engine. Its air-cooled engine provides excellent fuel mileage. A wide fuel tank allows for more comfort when riding. The RF 70 model of the Pak Hero has a good resale value as well. The company began manufacturing rickshaws in 1996 but has expanded its product line to include 70cc motorcycles as well as scooters.


ZXMCO 70cc bike price in Pakistan is PKR. 40,500. ZXMCO 70 cc bike is attracting maximum customers due to its impressive mileage and slim, sleek shape, and other exciting features it offers to its customers. It gives tough competition to all the companies that are already manufacturing 70 cc bikes. High-quality features with quality material and features make it stand with its competitors and give a striking competition in the market. It has conventionally masked crystals headlight, rear brakes, and indicators that enhance its look of it more. The ZXMCO has the same features as RAVI, Eagle, Road Prince, etc. but costs less than them. It has solid four gears that can speed up to 90km/hour. It has a self-start mechanism and a front disk brake.

Osaka AF 70:

The current price of Osaka AF 70cc bike in Pakistan is PKR 42,000. With its affordable prices and quality, it proclaims to be one of the most demanding bikes in the local market. It is designed keeping the latest Japanese technology in mind. It has a very attractive design and has utmost durability, and is one of the best mileage among other 70 cc bikes, making it one of the affordable options for customers. It’s a great deal overall, having all the specifications and features a good bike has at a much lower price. It has 6 months engine warranty and proclaims high resale value too. It promises nothing else but utmost comfort and performance with its smoke-free 4-stroke engine.

Union Star 70:

Union star 70 cc bike price in Pakistan is PKR 44,000. With the latest graphics and design, new shape, fuel tank design, and side cover Union star 70 cc bike has made its name in the market in no time. They provide good quality and proclaim to sell at the lowest rate of PKR 44,000. It has a beautiful and stylish speedometer; the headlights and taillights have a stylish shape making it attractive on roads. It has 4 strokes, single cylinder air cooled engine, 4-speed transmission, kick-starting system. It has a slightly better fuel mileage than other cars and the performance is smooth and comfortable on bumpy roads as well. It comes in black and red color.

Sohrab 70:

The standard price of a Sohrab 70cc motorbike in Pakistan is PKR 46,000. It is a 70cc bike and has a 4-speed transmission, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, kickstart feature, top speed of 80m/hour, and a petrol capacity of 9 liters and fuel average of 35km/liter. The price of Sohrab 70cc bikes is much lower than the other bikes offered on market. It also has an attractive installment package, but on installment obviously, the final price is higher. Sohrab 70 bike is offered in two colors, black and red.


This wraps up 70cc Bikes price in Pakistan as well as its features, specification, and everything you need about before buying 70cc bikes in Pakistan. We placed Honda CD 70 at the first-place position on our list for being the best 70cc bike in Pakistan, overall in performance and value. This model has a high resell value look, and stylish look, and is easy to maintain. For the best 70cc bikes in Pakistan on a budget, we recommend buying the united 70cc. At a low price, it offers great features and reliability.

We hope our list of detailed reviews of the top 70cc bikes In Pakistan with price has helped you find the best 70cc bike. We hope that the information that we provided will help you in making the purchase that is most useful to you.

FAQ’s Related To 70cc Bikes

Which 70cc bike is best in Pakistan?

Honda 70cc is considered one of the best 70cc bikes in Pakistan.

Which 70cc China bike is best in Pakistan?

List of 70cc china bikes in Pakistan
Road Prince RP 70
Union Star 70
Pak Hero 70
Unique UD 70

Which 70cc bike is best in Pakistan?

Honda 70cc is considered as overall best 70cc bike, whereas United 70cc is considered as one the best economical bike in Pakistan.

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