Latest Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Scooty For Girls

The scooty has become a popular mode of transportation for girls in Pakistan, who had been largely left out of the two-wheeler market. The scooty is easy to ride and helps girls travel safely and quickly to their destinations. It also allows them to carry cargo, which is important because women in Pakistan often have to do the shopping and other household errands. In a society where women are often seen as second-class citizens, the scooty gives them more independence and freedom.

With the increasing popularity of scooty in Pakistan, many girls are learning how to ride bikes. In Pakistan, the number of girls riding bikes is gradually increasing. In today’s busy world, independent rides have become a necessity. Girls do not want to depend on other people. Scooty brands are committed to empowering girls to ride independently and making it easy for girls to ride their scooties. These Scotties are ideal for college and university-going girls. In this blog post, we will discuss scooty price in Pakistan, as well as its features and top brands.

Scooty Price in Pakistan 2022

Scooty Price in Pakistan
Honda Dio PKR  90,000 – 100,000
United 50cc Scooty PKR  50,000- 60,000
United 80cc Scooty PKR  90,000-110,000
United 100cc Scooty PKR  95,000- 145,000
Suzuki Scooty 49cc PKR  80,000 to 100,000
Super Power Scooty 70cc PKR  85,000 to 95,000
Scooty Price in Pakistan

Top Scooty Brands in Pakistan

The top brands in Pakistan that have affordable scooties are Honda, Suzuki, Super Power, and Scooty. These brands have different prices for ladies’ scooty.

Scooty Brands in Pakistan


Honda Limited is another brand of Scooty in Pakistan. It is known for its comfort level, performance, looks, fuel economy, and price, among other aspects. Honda has introduced scooty and attracted the interest of young girls in Pakistan. Honda Dio is their best-selling scooty in Pakistan.

Honda Dio

If you are looking for a scooty for girls, you can consider the Honda Dio scooty. This scooty has an automatic transmission and a 110 cc engine. Its features include a fully digital instrument console with fuel efficiency, Eco indicator, real-time fuel efficiency, gear position indicator, service reminder, and LED headlamp. This scooter offers 77% better mileage than any other scooty on the market. It costs well over a lakh rupees and can be purchased for a price above one lac. You can also find used versions of the Honda Dio scooty at a low price. Honda Dio’s scooty price in Pakistan ranges from PKR  90,000 – 100,000.

Key Specifications of Honda Dio

Engine 109.51 cc
Fuel Capacity 5.3 liters
Fuel Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Mileage  48 km/l
Top Speed 83 km/h
Gear Shifting Automatic
Max Power 7.65 bhp @ 8,000 rpm

United Scooty

United Scooty is the fastest-growing scooty company in Pakistan. UNITED scooty represents Pakistan’s leading national brand at the lowest possible price. In all of Pakistan, UNITED goods are popular in both rural and urban regions. United top three selling scooties are mentioned below.

  • United 50cc Scooty
  • United 80cc Scooty
  • United 100cc Scooty

United 100cc Scooty

The United 100cc scooter is designed to handle hard use without sacrificing performance. It is equipped with a 4-stroke and a single-cylinder forced air-cooled engine. The dry weight of this powerful scooter is around 91 kg.

The United 100c Scooty for girls is an excellent option for daily use. This scooty has a 100cc 4-stroke engine and weighs about ninety kilograms. With a dry weight of about ninety kilograms, this scooter can accommodate two people. You can also find this model at a price of PKR 145,000 in Pakistan.

If you want a scooter for girls that is lightweight and powerful, then the United 100cc scooty is the best choice. Its small engine and low weight make it easy to ride in traffic.

The United 100cc Scooty is also a popular option for mothers who are looking for a scooty that’s suitable for daily use. It has a 100cc engine and weighs around 90kg. Its tires are 90/90-12 upfront and 3.50-10 on the back. The dimensions of this scooty are 1870x650x1140mm.

This 100cc motor scooter is available in several colors, including powder pink, vibrant green, and maroon. It comes in a variety of colors and is easy to operate. Girls will love riding this scooter around the block! Its easy-to-use controls also make it easy to ride at high speeds. A fun way to get around the neighborhood on a scooty is to ride it with your best friend. United 80cc scooty price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 125,000 -145,000.

United 50cc

If you’re looking for a cheap scooty for girls in Pakistan, the United 50cc model might be the right choice. Its low power and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver in traffic. Moreover, it can fit into almost any budget. The price of this model is approximately PKR 50,000 in Pakistan.

If you want a scooty for girls that will give them years of enjoyment, the United 80cc scooty is the right choice. It has a 4-stroke OHC system that achieves 7.2 Hp at 8000 RPM. It’s also 90Kg, which makes it a great choice for college or university-going females.

The United 70cc Scooty for Girls Price is expected to be available in the local market in 2022. The company recommends this model to girls because it has a front-fairing part made for girls. Other features include an improved battery charging system, nice indicators, and a long-lasting fuel tank. This scooter is easy to handle and offers comfortable riding. The United 50cc Scooty For Girls Price in Pakistan is expected to be around 10000.

United 80c

It has a 4-stroke OHC engine that makes this scooter a comfort to ride. It’s a simple scooty for those who travel a lot, as well as a reliable vehicle for female college students. In Pakistan, this scooter costs roughly PKR 90,000. This sleek stylish scooty has 7.2 HP @ (8000 rpm and kerb weight is 90kg. It is an excellent balance of comfort and strength. In addition, it is a highly inexpensive and dependable car for college-bound women. United 80cc scooty price in Pakistan ranges from PKR  10,0000 – 120,000.

Suzuki Scooty

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

The Suzuki 49cc scooter for girls is a stylish ride that has the capability to give the rider the same level of comfort as a male driver. It features a four-liter fuel tank, CVT transmission, and a comfortable seat for the rider. The price range of this scooter is around PKR 80,000 to 100000. In Pakistan, the demand for scooties is increasing rapidly, especially for girls. The fuel consumption is also low, making it pocket-friendly.

Suzuki’s scooty price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 80,000 to Rs 100,000. It comes with tubeless tires and an automatic transmission. Moreover, the scooty has plenty of storage space under the passenger seat. Read more about Suzuki scoooty here. Suzuki 49cc ladies’ scooty price in Pakistan ranges from PKR  80,000 -100,000.

Super Power

Super Power has become a household name in the Pakistani market with its inexpensive motorcycles. Now they have expanded into scooty production. Super Power 70cc scooty, for instance, is a popular mid-range power scooter for young girls. It is comfortable and lightweight and comes in many colors, including pink. And with the price ranges increasing, Super Power scooty is sure to remain popular.

Super Power 70cc Scooty

Super Power Motorcycle introduced a new seventy-cc scooter to the local market. Specifically designed for college students. It is lightweight, packed with advanced features, and fuel-efficient. Its top speed is 70 km/h and comes with a mileage of 65 kph. The scooter is equipped with a self-start power system and comes in various metallic color options. Lastly, it comes with a rear stand for extra stability.

The superpower scooty price in Pakistan is approx. PKR 80,000 – 90,000. This scooter is an excellent choice for college students. With a high power weight of 90 kg, it is a very practical and cost-efficient ride. Designed for repeated use, this scooter is durable and easy to store. It can accommodate two passengers and even some groceries. Suzuki 49cc Scooty.

Vespa Scooty Price List

Following table list the Vespa ladies’ scooty price in Pakistan.

Vespa LX 125 PKR 89,078
Vespa LX 125 PKR 93,191
Vespa VXL 125 CBS PKR 1,20,729
Vespa SXL 125 CBS PKR 1,60,729
Vespa VXL ABS PKR 1,13,729
Vespa SXL 150 ABS PKR 1,17,729

Scooty Buying Guide


Do you want a luxurious, high-end scooty that may be more expensive, or do you want one that is more affordable? New scooters cost between PKR 80,000 to 1,50,000, although quality and capabilities vary substantially.

Engine size and its type

The engine capacity is expressed in cubic centimeters (cc). They vary from 50cc to above 500cc. 50cc scooters aren’t fast. They can travel 30-40 mph (56-64 km/h). 100cc scooty is more powerful than 50cc scooty. 50cc ladies scooty are suitable for city use. A liter of petrol will get you 50-60 milage.

Safety Features

All scooty is considered less safe than trucks or automobiles. The faster a scooty goes, the less safe it is. Motorcycles and scooty lack the safety features of vehicles and trucks. The more protective gear like a helmet you wear, the less likely you are to sustain serious injuries in the case of an accident.


A scooty has greater storage capacity than a motorbike. The make and model do important, but a bigger scooty will have greater storage space. It’s important to look at the storage space before making a purchase.

Final words

In Pakistan, a growing number of girls are learning to ride a bike. Scooty is becoming increasingly popular in our busy society. The freedom to ride an independent vehicle is crucial to today’s girl, who no longer wants to depend on others for transportation. Scooty brands have been designed to help empower girls with their own two-wheeler by providing easy-to-ride Scotties. This allows young girls to become active participants in society.

Frequently Ask Questions About Scooty

Which is the cheapest Scooty in Pakistan?

United 50cc scooty is the cheapest yet most reliable scooty in Pakistan.

Which Scooty is best for girls in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Honda Dio, United 50cc, United 80cc, United 100, Super Power, and Suzuki are best for girls depending on budget and requirements.

Is the 50cc Scooter worth buying?

A 50cc scooty is suitable for daily use. It is more convenient than other Scotties and safer as well. If you lack experience with bikes, a 50cc moped is an excellent alternative.

Which ladies scooty is best for beginners?

United’s 50cc scooter is ideal for beginners. It’s easier to drive in heavy traffic because it’s less powerful and lightweight. The new United 50cc bike costs above Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan.

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