6 Best 125cc Bikes In Pakistan To Buy In 2023

We all know that one of the most valuable factors to consider when purchasing a new motorcycle is the engine capacity. In Pakistan, There are a large number of 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan. Top motorcycles include Honda CG 125, Yamaha 125, and Honda CB 125. In this blog, we will discuss all information including pricing, photos, mileage, features, colors, and reviews so that you may choose the best 125 bikes in Pakistan. This blog post will help buyers make an informed decision when purchasing the best 125cc bikes in Pakistan. Here is a list of the six best 125cc bikes in Pakistan.

List of Best 125 Bikes In Pakistan

  • Honda CG 125
  • Yamaha YBR 125
  • Honda CB 125F
  • Honda CB 125F
  • Ravi Piaggio 125
  • Yamaha YB125Z
  • Honda 125 Deluxe
  • United US-125

Honda CG 125

Honda 125 is equipped with a 125cc air-cooled engine, a 4-speed gearbox, a 9.2-liter fuel tank, and a kick start. The motorcycle boasts 11 horsepower and weighs just 99 kilograms, but its construction quality has declined in recent years. It has a mileage of 35 Km to 45 Km and a fuel capacity of 9.2 liters. . This bike’s power-to-wait ratio is excellent, as its kerb weight is 99kg. It requires minimum maintenance and bike parts are easily available in the Pakistan market. As it is the most selling bike in Pakistan, it has very good reselling value. The drawbacks include the lack of a disc brake, alloy rims, and it is self-start only

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR 125

Yamaha YBR 125 features an air-cooled 124cc engine, a 5-speed gearbox, a 13-liter fuel tank, electric start, and alloy wheels. It’s got a responsive engine, stylish and sporty design, and the perfect mix of power and gearing to keep you in the right gear at all times. It has an excellent mileage of 50 to 55 km, which is better than the honda 125. It has a top speed of 110 km/h.

The Yamaha YBR 125 is a bike that has been designed to be the perfect entry-level motorcycle. It is affordable and easy to use and it comes with all the features that you would expect from a bike of this size. It comes with both self-start options and kick-start. The fuel tank capacity of 13 liters will give you a range of around 200 kilometers on one tank of fuel. It has excellent mileage is 50-55 km, which is better than honda125.

yamaha ybr 125 price in pakistan

Honda CB 125F

The Honda CB125F is a motorcycle with a four-stroke engine. It can produce 10.7 HP at 8500 RPM and reach speeds of up to 105 km/h. The bike has a fuel tank capacity of 12.3  liters, offers incredible levels of comfort on long rides, and comes in two different body styles. Honda CB 125F starts with both self-start options and kick-start. A black-painted silencer with a sleek cover enhances the look of the motorcycle.

Honda CB 125F Price in Pakistan

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Ravi Piaggio 125

The Piaggio Storm-125 by Ravi has a 125 cc air-cooled engine paired with a 5-speed transmission. It has an electronic starter, an enormous 16-liter fuel tank, and a front disc brake. There is a tiny oil-level window on the right side of the engine, which may not be well known. The motorcycle generates about 11 horsepower and weighs 117 kg. The Ravi Piaggio 125 boasts amazing front lights and redesigned rear lights.  It provides 60 km/l of fuel efficiency.

Ravi Piaggio 125

Yamaha YB125Z

The Yamaha YB125Z is a 125cc motorcycle with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It has an air-cooled, SOHC, four valves per cylinder, and a five-speed manual transmission. It comes with an electric starter and is available in three colors. The Yamaha YB125Z is built with both a kick-starting and an electric starter system. It has a mileage of around 31 km/l.

Yamaha YB125Z price in Pakistan

Honda 125 Deluxe

The Honda 125 Deluxe is a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that can produce up to 11 horsepower @ 8500 RPM and 9 Nm @ 7500 RPM pounds of torque. It has a fuel capacity of 12 liters and a mileage of 40-45 km/l.

The Honda 125 Deluxe has a number of components constructed with high-quality materials, including the diamond-type steel frame. It also features a multi-plate wet clutch and five-speed transmission, making it easy to ride for novice riders while still being able to handle more difficult terrain with ease. It is kick-starting only.

honda 125 deluxe price in pakistan

United US-125

The United US 125 is equipped with a 4-speed gearbox, an air-cooled, OHV, 125cc engine with a capacitor discharged ignition system and a smooth and economical 4-stroke engine. It has a fuel tank of 9 liters and a mileage of 45-50 km/l. It may achieve speeds between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour. This bike has a top speed of 100 km/h. The United 125’s design is particularly eye-catching, making it a popular choice for commuters. It is the most economical 125cc motorcycle in Pakistan, that’s why it captures a lot of buyers. customers with limited budgets may purchase the United 125cc motorbike.

United 125 Price in Pakistan

Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. In big cities, motorcycles are often the best way to get around because of the traffic congestion. And, as the cost of gasoline continues to rise, motorcycles are becoming more and more economical to operate. 125cc bikes are very popular in Pakistan. These bikes are not only great for daily commuting but can also be used for long-distance touring.


We placed Honda CG 125 at the first-place position on our list for being the best 125 cc bike in Pakistan, overall in performance and value. This high-quality shower head produces a steady, powerful water stream while efficiently conserving water use and regulating water temperature. This model has a high resell value look, and stylish look, and is easy to maintain.

For the best 125 bikes in Pakistan on a budget, we recommend buying the united 125cc. At a low price, it offers great features and reliability.

Finally, our selection for the premium 125cc bikes in Pakistan goes to the Yamaha YBR 125. This model has high mileage, a sporty look, and many helpful features.

We hope our list of detailed reviews of the top 6 Best 125cc Bikes In Pakistan has helped you find the best125 bike. We hope that the information that we provided will help you in making the purchase that is most useful to you.

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