The Changan Karvaan Price In Pakistan – Specs & Top Speed 2022

Changan Karvaan Price In Pakistan

The Changan Karvaan price in Pakistan is PKR 2,069,000. This article contains all the information related to Changan Karvaan. In addition to the Changan Karvaan features and specs, you can read about top speed, reviews, seating capacity, horsepower, engine rating, fuel efficiency, and pricing.

The Changan Karvaan is a new-generation minivan designed for the Pakistani market. The car is powered by a 999cc engine that delivers 92 Nm of torque and 68 hp at 6000 rpm. It features a rack and pinion steering wheel and an electric motor. Other features include power door locks and an adjustable steering wheel. All of these features make the car a very comfortable vehicle to drive.


The Changan Karvaan’s engine is a Euro IV inline four-cylinder OHC with a 5-speed manual transmission and is paired with a front-wheel-drive system. It produces 68 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 92 Nm at 4800 rpm and a top speed of 120 km/h. Its front disc brakes are powerful and efficient, and it has a manual hand brake lever for parking brakes.


The Changan Karvaan is also available in a luxury version, the Changan Karvaan plus. The difference between the two models is mainly in the style of the vehicle. The Plus version has some more advanced features and an appealing outlook. The car can accommodate seven people and can be used by a family of seven. In Pakistan, the Changan Karvaan Plus is available in two models: the Standard and the Plus.


The Changan Karvaan’s fuel tank capacity is 40 liters, making it a good option for city driving. The car’s fuel tank capacity is just enough for a long drive, while its fuel consumption is 10-12 km/liter. MCM Ltd. supports the conversion to CNG, which further enhances the car’s efficiency. It is also an economical choice for the Indian market.

The price of the Changan Karvaan Plus starts at PKR 17.9 lakhs. It is quite competitive in the Pakistani market and is a bit higher than many alternatives. The 1000cc engine makes the car more expensive, but it has a better price tag. There are many other features that make it a very desirable vehicle. You can read about its fuel mileage and price comparison.

The Changan Karvaan features a high number of safety measures. The car’s immobilizer, keyless entry, and airbags all provide added protection for the driver and passengers. The car can carry up to seven people and is also a great multi-purpose vehicle. In fact, its utility is so widespread that it is commonly used by local salesmen to load stuff and go on shopping trips.

Latest Price PKR 2,069,000- PKR : 2,200,000
Engine 999cc
Height 1890 mm
Length 3980 mm
Width 1620 mm
Power 68 Horse Power
Capacity of seating 7 person
Tyre Size 175/70/R14
Air Conditioner Yes
Tachometer Yes
Child Lock Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Transmission 5 MP
Mileage 13-15 Km/L

Changan Karvaan Exterior

Changan Kaarvan 2022 has a boxy exterior with a slanting front and trapezium-styled headlights. The rear door slides open for easy entry and exit, and there are side-swept rear LED tail lamps to make driving convenient. What shoppers love is there is plenty of room for both passengers and luggage.


The interior of the Changan Karvaan 2022 is spacious and comfortable. The seats are wrapped in deluxe fabric and come with lumbar support. Dual air conditioning provides ample cooling to 2nd and 3rd rows, and the seats can be folded for extra boot space. An LED is installed in the center of the dashboard.

Changan Karvaan Competitors

The main competitors are the Suzuki Bolan and Suzuki Every.


Changan Karvaan has a good mileage of 13–15 km per liter.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Changan Karvaan has the fuel capacity of 40L. With its full capacity, it can run up to 400-450km.

What is the price of the Changan Karvaan in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the price of the Changan Karvaan is PKR 2,069,000-2,200,000.

What is the mileage of the Changan?

The Changan car offers good mileage of 13-15 Km/L.

What is the Top speed of the Changan Karvaan?

The top speed of a Changan car is 120km/h.

Is Karvaan maintenance expensive?

No, maintenance is quite affordable.

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