Yamaha E01 Price In Philippines 2023 – Top Speed, Specs, & Features

Yamaha E01 Price In Philippines

The Yamaha E01 is a fully electric 125cc scooter that uses a 4.9kwh lithium-ion battery to power a high-revving air-cooled engine that drives the rear wheel through a belt. It can be ridden with a Class 2 AT moped license and has a 100-km cruising range, making it ideal for commuting to work and school. In this article, I will talk about the Yamaha E01 price Philippines, its top speed specifications, & features.

The Yamaha E01 price in the Philippines starts at ₱77,275. Depending on the condition, in the used condition, it costs around ₱45,000 – ₱55,000. Below is the Yamaha E01’s latest price in the Philippines.

Variant Price
Yamaha E01 price in Philippines 77,275 approx

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Basic Specification

Brand Yamaha
Model Yamaha E01
Class Electric Scooter
Status Available

Power and Performance

Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 87.6V / 56.3 Ah
Motor Type Electric Motor
Fast Charging Time 1 Hour
Torque 30 Nm @ 1,950 rpm
Transmission CVT Automatic
Transmission CVT
Range 80 km
Top Speed 105 km/h


Length 1930 mm
Width 740 mm
Height 1230 mm
Wheelbase 1380 mm
Ground Clearance 140 mm
Curb Weight 158 kg
Seat Height 755 mm
Colors Black, Army, Silver, and Pink

Brakes and Suspensions

Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Telescopic
Front Tyre Size 110/70-13
Rear Tyre Size 130/70-13
Wheel Type Alloy
Front Wheel 13 inch
Rear Wheel 13 inch
Yamaha E01 Side View
Yamaha E01 In Philippines

Yamaha E01 Battery and Performance

The E01, on the other hand, lacks a clutch and boasts a linear startup and great acceleration, with maximum torque at or below 2000 rpm. Due to the fact that it is an electric motor, it makes less noise. The E01 is also equipped with EV-specific characteristics, such as a three-stage driving mode (PWR, STD, ECO), a reverse mode that lets the vehicle travel in reverse, and regenerative braking that recycles deceleration resistance into energy.

In addition, the E01 is equipped with three different charging systems to accommodate a variety of charging environments: a 100 V portable charger for in-vehicle use (14 hours for a full charge), a 200 V regular charger for home installation (5 hours for a full charge), and a quick charger for dealers (1 hour for a full charge). The fixed large-capacity battery and compatibility with diverse recharging infrastructures are designed to satisfy the practical requirements of both short- and medium-distance urban travel. In addition, the company intends to collect data for future EV development from the demonstration trial via the LTE connection.

Seat Height

It has a seat height of 755 mm.

Top Speed

It has a top speed of 105 km/h.

Final Words

Yamaha’s electric scooters enjoy a favorable reputation among the general population due to their great efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Because of their well-considered ergonomics, they may function effectively with minimal upkeep and can be utilized with ease. On the Yamaha E01, the battery and quick charging support are an added plus.

This wraps up the Yamaha E01 price In the Philippines and everything you need about before buying the Yamaha E01 in the Philippines.

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What is the price of the Yamaha E01 in the Philippines?

The Yamaha E01 price in the Philippines is ₱77,275.

Is Yamaha E01 available in the Philippines?

Yes, Yamaha E01 electric scooter is available in the Philippines and costs around ₱77,275.

What is the resell value of the Yamaha E01?

In the Philippines, Yamaha E01 has a medium resell value.

How fast does a Yamaha E01 go?

The Yamaha E01 scooter has a top speed of 105 km/h.

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