Best Online Website to Buy and Sell Cars in Pakistan 2023

Best Online Buy & Sell Car Websites in Pakistan

Are you looking for platforms that deal with car trading, whether it’s buying or selling? If you answered yes to the question, then this article is extremely valuable to you. In this article, we are going to enlist all the best car-selling websites in Pakistan, through which you can not only sell your car but also purchase one. So keep reading to save yourself the hassle.

List of Car Selling Websites

Rather than investigating every website in your search engine result, you can make a quick visit to these websites and save time and energy. Also, these websites will surely meet your requirements.


PakWheels, which came into existence in 2003, is now one of the largest and most well-reputed marketplaces for selling and purchasing cars. Other than the online forum, Pakwheel can be accessed via iPhone and Android mobiles. As it is clear from its proposed name, it is a Pakistan-based website with a volume of 600,000 online registered members. This website has an aggregate of millions of brand-new, pre-owned, and authorized/certified cars from a number of dealers and sellers. This platform is an online automobile community that not only allows for selling cars but also facilitates car purchases. It provides users with reviews, suggestions, and better replacement options for features; this is no less than an automobile enthusiast platform. For buyers, the website lists new and used cars, and also for sellers, it offers different facilitations for car selling like car promotion, etc., where the website’s agents themselves handle all the details like ad-writing, product shoots, and pre-screening for the potential buyers. Despite this, sellers can still directly sell their cars. PakWheels users can connect with automobile enthusiasts across Pakistan for sales and purchases.


OLX is the best and largest online selling and purchasing platform. This platform not only deals with the trading of cars but also with an array of other products, which include electronics, furniture, etc. The platform has 3 million listings and offers a wide range of options. Buyers can buy a car without going to a flea market, and sellers can sell their cars or any other product by simply uploading pictures of them and then negotiating a deal. The cars listed on OLX will cover all your wants and needs, from Honda to Prado. It has a large selection of cars in all price ranges that are easily accessible. It will keep you updated by providing alerts and recommendations on the basis of your interests. Not only this, but you can hire someone for car marketplace trading or for any other job just by using this platform. If you want to upgrade your car model, OLX is your go-to platform.


According to its proposed name, Autodeal offers its users the ability to make deals on cars, either by selling or buying them. Furthermore, users can import desired cars from Japan and choose between used and new Japanese cars through this platform. Autodeal is also considered the best automobile marketplace due to its user-friendly services. This platform helps its users find the right cars. If you are living in Pakistan, you can easily get your hands on the desired car via Autodeal and can also outsource the Japanese cars.


If you are finding clients either to buy a car from them or to sell a car to them, in both cases, CarFinder is your happy place. CarFinder is the automobile marketplace that not only provides a vast range of cars but also provides deliberate details about cars and comprehensive comparisons among cars to get the exact understanding and value of the desired vehicle. CarFinder also provides free marketing services to help you run ads and sell your own vehicle. By staying on CarFinder, you can get in contact with any car seller and can also find local dealers for expert judgments as it provides a listing of dealers. CarFinder is useful not only for finding dream cars but also for finding workshops, as it lists nearby workshops. With CarFinder, you can get multiple services under one roof.


Another name, another space, CarTrade is providing its services all over Pakistan. The name itself elucidates the entire idea of this platform. Yes, CarTrade is another online trading marketplace for automobiles, through which you can easily buy and sell cars. You can purchase used or new cars of various models on a budget. Moreover, you can see the reviews and get an idea of prices by using their price guide tool; similarly, you can know about car specifications and car finance offers. In short, you can buy a car online without any doubt, as it provides every single detail. Along with pre-owned and new car options, CarTrade also provides users with the most recent and up-to-date car prices. On the contrary, you also don’t have any need to look for and visit showrooms and dealers explicitly because now you can find online dealers with their showrooms under one roof, which is CarTrade, which makes your life more hassle-free. As a result, you can get the right car at the right price and at the right time.

Vava Car

Last but not least, VavaCar entertains its clients with online car trading from the comfort of their homes. Vava Car is another addition to your list, through which you can sell and buy a car without paying a visit to any dealer or on-market showrooms. This, like other spaces, offers a wide range of new and used automobiles, as well as images. Also, you can find cars in different price ranges and contact the dealers as well. If you want to get your dream car without any fatigue, then heading to VavaCar is the best option for you.


GARI is a recently launched business that simplifies the car buying and selling procedure. You may search for automobiles and motorcycles by city and brand. The best element of their website is a car price calculator that provides an instantaneous valuation of your vehicle when you input its details.

In addition, you may search for your ideal vehicle, compare its features and specs, and connect with dealers in order to expedite the process. Additionally, you can submit free advertising.


By living in Pakistan, without paying a visit to marketplaces, you can definitely buy and sell cars. You can get your dream car on a reasonable budget. Moreover, this article has saved you time by enumerating and elaborating on the best car-selling websites in Pakistan. It is now your responsibility to do the right thing at the right time.


Which is the best website to sell the car?

Pakwheels, CarTrade, Autodeal, and Olx are among the top website to buy and sell cars.

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