What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Tires?

Are you a motorcycle rider and tired of changing tires every other day? If yes, then remain glued to this article. This article will actually help you determine what the different types of motorcycle tires are that you can choose from. Tires are the major supporting part of any kind of motorcycle, vehicle, or mobile car. In this article, we will determine how many types of tires exist for motorcycles. Most often, bike riders spend a handsome amount on good-quality tires, but due to a lack of knowledge and awareness about good tires, they make the purchase all in vain. Before making any frivolous purchases, read this article to save yourself from wasting money. In this article, you will learn which types of tires you should use and which tires can be good and lasting for your motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle tires

As different motorcycles have different types of tires. These types vary on the basis of the route the bikes are related to. Some motorcycles are designated for specific routes. Here we will see which tire type is suitable for which motorcycle.

Tube Tires

As the proposed name indicates, all tube tires have a tube base to support the tire, and that tube inflates the pressure to the required pressure. Tube-base tires are designated for off-road bikers. The motorcycles with tube tires are driven away from public roads. Usually, riders who are profound enough to ride in hilly areas and on dirty tracks use off-road tires and bikes. Tube tires do not prevent puncturing. But off-road tires help with maintaining grip. The tread pattern allows you to ride off-road.

Tubeless Tire

Unlike tube tires, no tube is instilled in them, these are more resistant to puncturing as they contain only one air tighter.   These tires are a bit more costly than tubes but are worth it in stability and in preventing overheating.   These puncture-resistant tires are designated for sports bikes as they are good at stability control. These tires have a more lightweight, rounded, stiff, and radial structure as compared to other tires. All these structural properties help in maintaining stability, controlling overheating, and supporting sharp braking.

Bias-ply tire

Bias-ply tires are ideal for carrying heavy loads as they are composed of hard elements and are used for touring bikes. Bias-ply construction is composed of nylon, rayon, and polyester that are arranged at less than 90-degree angles alternatively.  Nylon is a strong and tough synthetic polyimide base material that is used to create elasticity. while rayon and polyesters are also used in plastic material. The bias-ply structure is ideal for absorbing road bumps they even work well on wet roads and in rainy/wet weather. For more robustness, bias-ply has one more variation, which is a bias-ply belt. There is a ply and tread there is a cross-ply stabilizing layer which adds stability to the tire.

Cruiser Tire

as treads are used for grip on tracks. Cruiser tires have straight-line stability that is produced as a result of hard compounds and deeper treads.  Cruisers are considered the heaviest tires among all others. Cruiser Tire has more mileage and has a sidewall stiffer which is responsible for tackling load.   Cruiser and touring tires belong in the same category. Bridgestone Exedra is another well-known cruiser tire, and similarly, the list goes on with other names.

Dual Sport Tire

The term “dual” is enough to demonstrate that the dual sport tire is covering two types of categories. The dual sport tires are made up of two combinations of smoothness and tread: the tires are smooth enough to make them rideable on roads, and the elements of tread make them suitable for off-road use. These tires help you to ride in dust, and rocks even you can go wherever you want to go. These tires have a block tread on them, which provides an off-road grip and a smooth ride on paved surfaces.

The aggressive knobby tires are ideal for off-road, and the less aggressive tires are ideal for on-road. The tendency of a dual-sport tire is more toward off-roading than on-roading. The off-road and on-road ratio varies from company to company. Some offer the probability of 50% off-road and 50% on-road. On the contrary, some offer more on-road probability than off-road. It all depends on which type of ride you want to go on. Choose wisely according to your needs and requirements.

Radial tire

We have seen different types of tires in different categories basis. Now it turns to have a look over tire for a fast road riding. The structure is designed in such a way that it is radially far away from the axis of the tire. The layer is placed to support the tire, which is composed of fiber and steel wire and is arranged in the form of simple arches. The purpose of using tires is that it doesn’t let the tire overheat. It gained good reviews from riders in terms of rigidity and strength.


There is a huge variety of tires, but not all tires are for any type of motorcycle. You have gained insight into different tires, now it will be easy to pick up best for yourself. The goal of this article was to educate you on the benefits and drawbacks of tires. Regardless of category, tires also have different width sizes. Before heading out for any tire, first, determine your ride type, then buy it.

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